Many thanks to those who generously donated a total of £96 at the AGM in October 2018.

The Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum represents Wolvercote Ward residents in planned developments for our local Area. We have done this by collecting and documenting the community’s views into a Neighbourhood Plan, which is now before the Oxford City Council for approval. If approved and then adopted by the Ward residents in the May 2019 local election, it will become a binding legal planning document. The Plan would then be a material consideration for all future planning applications in our Ward.

The Forum was created as a result of the 2011 Localism Act and is recognized by Oxford City Council. In addition to creating the Neighbourhood Plan, the Forum actively engages with local and regional planning authorities’ consultations about local and regional development as it affects our Ward. In October 2018 the Forum submitted this response to the Oxford North outline planning application.

The future of Wolvercote Ward residents and your families is at stake. You are strongly urged to have your say. Sign up to our e-Mailing List (right) to learn about progress drafting the plan and to hear breaking news of planning issues affecting our area. We value your input. Your contact information is securely stored and is not shared with any other organisation.

Thank you!

Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum Steering Committee