Built Environment

The Forum‘s built environment policies are being written.
An article in the Oxford Times on the 24th of June states that Seven-storey buildings could be built in Oxford’s suburban shopping areas.

The Forum‘s draft policy on the heights of buildings in the Area

Height Limits: up to two storeys and none more than three (except if height serves as noise barrier next to major roads and railways). Existing sight lines to be preserved.

Specifically –

  1. All new building within or close to existing built-up areas should be in sympathy with the existing built environment in design, materials, layout and scale, as set out in OCC Sites and Housing Plan HP9.  In these cases, most buildings should be two storeys high and none more than three storeys.
  2. New buildings adjacent to major roads and railway lines must also be in sympathy with their  surrounding environment as above, but may be taller, particularly where they are partly intended to function as barriers to noise from the transport infrastructure, provided that the existing sight lines are considered  and respected.  The privacy of occupants of adjacent lower buildings, especially dwellings, must be respected.

Download: Wolvercote Neighbourhood Plan v8.3 (pdf).