Current activities


In May the Forum was a joint sponsor of an information display board at Godstow Abbey.


Having established the key issues through public meetings, the Forum has formulated objectives from which it has created planning policies (the Draft Plan) to work alongside the strategic policies (for example, the Oxford Core Strategy, the Northern Gateway Area Action Plan and the Sites and Housing Development Plan Document) written by the Oxford City Council. All these policies will enable the City Council to make judgments in the determination of planning applications.

Also the Forum is involved in ongoing discussions with the planning authorities about the proposed local Development Sites and the Chiltern Railway plans. It is especially addressing the issues of transport, flooding and pollution.

The Forum has:

  • organized joint public meetings with the City and County Councils about the Northern Gateway
  • discussed plans with Oxford University for the development of the Wolvercote Paper Mill site
  • influenced the City Council over the development at Elsfield Hall, which has now been given planning consent
  • written a Transport Report as part of the Plan which has already been used to inform the Forum’s response to proposed developments in the Area.
  • in 2015 sent out a questionnaire to all the residents of the Area to elicit their views about housing and the community; in 2017 provided an on-line questionnaire to elicit views on the Draft Plan.