CIL Funding Autumn 2023 – Shortlist

Nine applications for CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funding of Community Projects were received for consideration of the Steering Committee on 18th September 2023.
The Steering Committee discussed these on 20th September and it was agreed that all the projects meet the application criteria, subject where applicable to the submission of two quotations for the work per project.  The projects are listed below for the neighbourhood community to consider before final decisions are made on 17th October.

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  • Wolvercote Primary SEND shepherd’s hut
  • Disabled toilet refurbishment (Wolvercote Village Hall)
  • Metal feet for new equipment in Lower Wolvercote Playground
  • Vacuum Cleaner for Wolvercote Monday Lunch Club
  • Noticeboard opposite the Village Hall (Wolvercote Commoners’ Committee)
  • Cutteslowe Community Centre cinema
  • Installation of external fire doors (Wolvercote Young People’s Club)
  • Public EV charger installation (Wolvercote Young People’s Club)
  • White Hart Community Pub – Kitchen Upgrade Phase II

Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum’s Public Meeting:

Wednesday 7 June, 7.45pm at Cutteslowe Community Centre, Wren Road, Oxford, OX2 7SX

All residents of Cutteslowe and Wolvercote are welcome!

Get up to date and have your say on topics of local interest:

Community facilities

Cutteslowe Community Centre

Plan for a new community space at Wolvercote Mill

Community projects: money is available!

The Oxford North development – currently under way

The St Frideswide housing development – currently under way

The proposed Water Eaton housing development

Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum wants to hear your views.

CIL Round 3 – shortlist

Thirteen applications for CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funding of Community Projects were received for consideration of the Steering Committee on 14th April 2023.

The Steering Committee discussed these on 25th April and it has been agreed that seven projects appear to meet the application criteria and can now be presented to the neighbourhood community for consideration.

The projects are as follows:

1. Coffee machine for The White Hart Community Pub in Wolvercote
2. Wolvercote Community Farm roof project
3. Purchase of a powered scythe mower to cut the grass on Wolvercote Green
4. Festival bench for Lower Wolvercote Green
5. White Hart Community Pub CCTV
6. Refurbishment to Wolvercote Young People’s Club to enhance community services
7. Furniture for Wolvercote Community Hub

More information is at:

Please send your comments (including messages of support or otherwise) to by noon on Tuesday 16th May to enable the steering committee to approve the successful projects prior to formal confirmation at the end of May.

WNF Steering Committee 2023

Christopher Hardman has resigned from the Steering Committee due to illness, from which he has now fortunately recovered. He had been on the committee since the Forum’s inaugural meeting in mid-2012 and Chair since August 2014. We are most grateful to him for his dedication and leadership. Paul Buckley. is taking his place as Chair until our next AGM.
There have also been some other changes in the Steering Committee membership: see here for more details.

CIL Funding Round 3

Proposals are now invited for the third round of Community Projects funded by the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The purpose of the award of CIL funding is to benefit and enhance public spaces in the Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum area for residents and workers.

Deadline for project application submissions: 14 April 2023
Applications will be published for public comment: 27 April 2023
Deadline for public comments to be submitted: 9 May 2023
Final consideration by WNF: 16 May 2023
Approval for funding of approved projects: End of May 2023

For more details see:

CIL Funding round 2 – decisions.

Seven applications for the second round of CIL-funded projects were received. The decisions and recommendations set out below are the unanimous decisions of the Steering Committee at the meeting on 1 November 2022.

  1. Gazebos/Event Shelters for the Wolvercote and Wytham Midsummer Festival (view application); £1040: Recommended
  2. Wolvercote Bells Video Downlink. (view application) This is a valuable teaching tool for new and existing ringers and supporting a traditional activity. £3546.94: Recommended
  3. Lower Wolvercote Playground improvement (view application): It is accepted that this is necessary but a decision on expenditure depends on a detailed plan.
  4. A replacement cooker for the Monday Lunch Club (view application). Cost of up to £875 Recommended
  5. Wolvercote Local History Society, (view application).Funding for the restoration of John Rowland’s portrait was approved in Round 1. but a new restorer had to be found and an additional £824 was required. Recommended
  6. Cutteslowe Community Centre Kitchen Refurbishment. (view application) The Centre is not in the Neighbourhood Plan area but right on the boundary and serves people in the plan area. What is sought is a contribution to an expensive refit for which the majority of funds have been secured. A decision is pending subject to the provision of another quotation for this part of the proposed work as required by the conditions set out in the application form.
  7. The Wolvercote Young People’s Club.(view application): The Steering Committee is very appreciative and supportive of the work done by the club but very concerned both about the building and the conditions of the lease. At this stage £6,000 is recommended for fire doors to ensure fire safety.

WNF Open Meeting 14th November

There will be an Open Meeting, for all Residents of the Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum Area. at 7.30-9.30pm on Monday 14th November in Wolvercote Village Hall.

The meeting will cover:

  • Presentation of WNF’s activities;
  • Discussion of Local Plan;
  • Discussion of Current and Future Community Projects;
  • AGM: Election of Forum Officers & the Steering Committee.

More details and an Agenda will be posted shortly at