CIL projects: 1st round

The Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum Steering Committee met on 22 October 2021, and made the following recommendations for Community Projects to be allocated CIL funding. These recommendations will now be taken to the City Council by the local City Councillors. For more details, see the WNF website.

Defribrillator for Five Mile Drive / Lakeside area: Not recommended for funding.
A34 sound survey: Not recommended for funding.
John Rowland portrait and clock: Recommended for funding.
Five Mile Drive notice board: Recommended for funding.
Harbord Road traffic survey: Not recommended for funding.
Blandford Avenue & Sunderland Avenue area traffic calming: Not recommended for funding at this stage.
Cutteslow Park Woodland Trail: Recommended for funding.
White Hart Pub & market garden): Recommended for funding.
Davenant Road – traffic calming Phase 2: Not recommended for funding at this stage.
Tree planting on Nixey’s Field): Recommended for funding.
Lower Wolvercote playground improvement: Not recommended for funding at this stage.
Godstow Road canal steps improvement: Application withdrawn.

Canalside, Oxford North – Public Consultation

From a communication from the Oxford North developers: 

“Hill is preparing a Reserved Matters Application (RMA) for Canalside, part of Oxford North. Canalside forms the area to the south of the A40 and will deliver the first phase of new homes, public park, streets, and landscaping.
As part of Oxford North’s continued community engagement, we invite you to join a public consultation event between 9am and 1pm on Saturday 27th November 2021 at Jurys Inn, Godstow Rd, Oxford.
Here you can view our proposals and discuss the timescales for our application.
Most importantly, we are seeking your views on the application and the project team will
be on hand to answer any questions you may have.”
“If you do plan to attend we are implementing a booking system to maintain social distancing and to reduce the risk of COVID spreading.
Please email: or phone: 0800 032 6760 to reserve an hour time slot.
9:00-10:00 10:00-11:00 11:00-12:00 12:00-1:00″

For more details see the flyer about the meeting.

CIL-funded Community Projects – comments invited.

Applications for eleven projects in the WNF area were received in the first round (closing date 7th October). 
Comments from the community are encouraged to help the steering committee make decisions on funding. 
The deadline for comments to be received has been extended to 21st October 2021.
See for more details.

The Wolvercote Neighbourhood Plan is now ‘MADE’

…That was the term used when the plan was officially accepted by the full City Council on 23rd June 2012, following the referendum landslide. It means that our Plan, like the Local Plan, now has to be considered in deciding planning applications. It also means that the community is entitled to a larger share of the money from local developments. If you want to see how it happened on Wednesday 23 June look at the City Council’s YouTube channel.
Christopher Hardman , Steering Committee Chair from 05:05

Urgent: Oxford North

It is urgent because the closing date for comments on the current planning application is 26 May. See the application on the City Council website ref: 21/ 01053/Res…/…

Work on Oxford North Phase One will start soon and construction will affect local residents. Now is the time to tell planners what you think about the detailed proposals and also what might be done to minimise damage to nature, pollution, congestion, and disturbance from noise. Everyone will be affected by proposals for soil movement and lorry movement on the A40, A44, and at the Wolvercote roundabout.

If you live in Goose Green Close, Rawson Close , Mere Road, Millway Close, the tops of Woodstock Road and Godstow Road, Linkside or Lakeside, you will want to look carefully at the proposals for the times and days on which work will be done and when deliveries to the site are proposed.

WNF Referendum – Yes!

The result of the May 6th Referendum on the Wolvercote Neighbourhood Plan was as follows:
Votes. YES.   1991
Votes.  NO.      136
Spoilt votes.      88

This means that 93.6 % of the votes cast were in support of the Plan. 

Thank you to all our supporters. We will now need to make sure that the policies in the plan are implemented and we would welcome help to do this.  We are also keen to know more about the aspirations of local residents.

Christopher Hardman

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum will take place on 6th May. For technical reasons the Council is unable to include notification of the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum with the poll cards. We understand that a letter will be sent out in about a week’s time, with information on the referendum and where to see the Plan. The Forum will also distribute an information leaflet. 

Voting for the referendum will take place in the same locations as Council elections. Polling station staff will be briefed about the referendum,It will be counted on Sunday 9th May, following the County Council count.