To establish a Neighbourhood Plan the following things must be accomplished: define the Area, set up a Forum, compile information about the Area and consult the local community about the issues.

The Area was defined in 2014 as the same as the Wolvercote Ward and the City Council has officially recognised the Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum. The application for this contained a draft Constitution and a list of signed up members of whom there are about 60 (a minimum of 21 is required). The Forum has held a number of meetings consulting the community.

The Plan has been finalised after scrutiny by an independent examiner. The Oxford City Council’s Cabinet in October 2019 agreed that this latest revision should proceed to a Referendum of those living in the Area. The Referendum took place on 6th May 2021.  A simple majority of those voting was required for the Plan to be adopted into statute.

The result of the Referendum was:

Votes: YES1991
Votes:  NO 136
Spoilt papers.88

That is: 93.6 % of the votes cast (excluding the spoilt papers) were YES votes.

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Locality roadmap

Download: Wolvercote Neighbourhood Plan v8.3 (pdf).