CIL Funding round 2 – decisions.

Seven applications for the second round of CIL-funded projects were received. The decisions and recommendations set out below are the unanimous decisions of the Steering Committee at the meeting on 1 November 2022.

  1. Gazebos/Event Shelters for the Wolvercote and Wytham Midsummer Festival (view application); £1040: Recommended
  2. Wolvercote Bells Video Downlink. (view application) This is a valuable teaching tool for new and existing ringers and supporting a traditional activity. £3546.94: Recommended
  3. Lower Wolvercote Playground improvement (view application): It is accepted that this is necessary but a decision on expenditure depends on a detailed plan.
  4. A replacement cooker for the Monday Lunch Club (view application). Cost of up to £875 Recommended
  5. Wolvercote Local History Society, (view application).Funding for the restoration of John Rowland’s portrait was approved in Round 1. but a new restorer had to be found and an additional £824 was required. Recommended
  6. Cutteslowe Community Centre Kitchen Refurbishment. (view application) The Centre is not in the Neighbourhood Plan area but right on the boundary and serves people in the plan area. What is sought is a contribution to an expensive refit for which the majority of funds have been secured. A decision is pending subject to the provision of another quotation for this part of the proposed work as required by the conditions set out in the application form.
  7. The Wolvercote Young People’s Club.(view application): The Steering Committee is very appreciative and supportive of the work done by the club but very concerned both about the building and the conditions of the lease. At this stage £6,000 is recommended for fire doors to ensure fire safety.